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NSP Products Also Avaliable Through Brindrune

November 18, 2022

Prominent label delivering NSP music to you…

You can now purchase some of your favorite Northern Spire releases directly from Bindrune Recordings; the celebrated label delivering acts like Panopticon and Nechochwen. Limited edition tapes by LanzerRath, Draudr’s tribute to Katatonia, Orelisk’s debut demo, and more!

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Changes to Privacy Policy and Terms & Conditions

November 17, 2022

We’ve Added Anonymized Analytics by GoatCounter…

Some website background changes were recently made to Northern Spire Productions, we’ve implemented anonymized analytics provided by GoatCounter. Those of you who follow our label know that NSP represents a variety of artists, some of which are advocates for internet civil rights and the human right to privacy; to this extent we have gone to great lengths to minimize our impact on your rights. GoatCounter is “privacy-aware” analytics alternative to the services offered by Google. Goat Counter’s website states in it’s first sentence “no tracking of personal data.”

What GoatCounter does provide is information we need to make this website run better and help us spread our art to a larger audience. If you have any concerns about how this works, please consult our updated Privacy Policy and Terms & Conditions. If you’re still concerned, then you can take comfort in the knowledge that most adblockers will prevent GoatCounter from working.

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Sin and Innocence

November 13, 2022

LanzerRath releases new music video…

While the band is hard at work on their fourth studio album, today we have a surprise. LanzerRath is prepared to announce their third music video, Sin and Innocence, available now for viewing on the NSP YouTube channel. This new standalone single can be added to your Bandcamp collection today.

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Winter In Salem

September 2, 2022

New single released by Orelisk…

In prelude to Orelisk’s debut full-length album, he teases us with a new single. Winter In Salem Is available free through the NSP and Orelisk Bandcamp pages. Featuring artwork by Korpi; the new single emphasizes the same bleak storytelling combined with a blizzard of furious riffs into the depths of black metal.

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Webshop Is Live

August 31, 2022

NSP webshop has opened its doors for business…

You can now shop our full lineup of merch on our BigCartel webshop and our label Bandcamp webshop.

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NSP Lineup Announced

August 22, 2022

Northern Spire Productions is proud to announce our initial lineup…

Each of these bands represents the spirit of our collective.


Raw is an understatement for LanzerRath. The black metal duo has gained an international following for their chaotically shifting style created with the intention of “forgoing stale musical theory.” Perpetually drunk, irrevocably irreverent. Their unique third wave sound is regularly characterized as “cosmic black metal” by fans and critics.


Remote, desolate, and frozen; A eulogy to the remnants of humanity that scar the natural landscape. Solo act Orelisk draws inspiration from the frigid winters of the Upper Peninsula, culminating in his signature “true northern black metal” style.


Draudr pays heed to the frailty of humanity in a blackened death metal characterized by the plight it was spawned during. The remote duo has created drums you could drown in, and contagiously foul guitar riffs.

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Unitum Sub Spira

August 22, 2022

In the wastes of Northern Michigan there is a spire, and under it dark artists unite...

Northern Spire Productions welcomes you to our label, by artists for artists. Our existence is to serve the Northern Michigan metal cult and those who contribute to it.

Do you have a band or act you’d like signed?

Currently we ARE accepting applications, but we are NOT signing any new artists at this time. Please send your demo or album here for future consideration.

Are you with the media or a social influencer?

The Northern Spire presskit is available to download here.
For band interviews and statements, feel free to contact us here.